Progress by a technique and the creation.
Technology of the tip and conformity of the originality
I dealt with the die production that was a life of forging after founding in an office in us and matured in a secret technique.
I send a product proud of the completeness of the world highest level to your cause.
About us
I dealt with the die production that was a life of die design, production, forging between the cold heat, forging such as impact molding, the servo press molding after founding in an office and, in Miyamoto industry, met various needs of many customers.
After leading it in the country, and having mass-produced shock extrusion tubes, I manufacture and sell a wide variety of forging products to date.
I do it "origin recurrence" simply because it is the globalization era of the competition and will continue making an effort in future.
Business outline
Model life, process setting, the materials choice measure the influence of the die to give forging, molding, and they do not become known let alone precision in forging, impact molding.
Please use "forging, impact cast" which is made simply because it is us which knew everything about the know-how of the die.
Product introduction
I am equivalent to a forging product for transportation equipment, an iron forging product, a forging product for precision instruments, an impact cast.
Forging product for transportation equipment
Facilities introduction
I comprise the substantial facilities including 630t servomotor press and the three-dimensional measuring instrument.
630t servomotor press
Development technology to breathe for a mass production
In correspondence with development or the mass production of the unprecedented technique, it supplies various products.
Multi-ream case production technology
Employment information
Do you not inherit a technique of the die production cultivated for many years? It recruits friends working with us.
Miyamoto industry
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Fax. 0287-47-1613